Your Kitchen: Back to School

It may not seem like it in the midst of another hot, humid Virginia Summer, but Fall is just around the corner! It’s time to send the kids back to school –wouldn’t it be great to remodel your kitchen and other areas of your home to help make those harried school mornings run a little more smoothly?

How could remodeling help ease the morning rush hour?

Picture your current kitchen…are you a little short on space? Does your entire family end up tripping over each other, bumping into open doors and drawers, using up what precious little countertop space is available in the rush to make breakfast and lunch? Do you have adequate pantry space? Are your workspaces set up to help you move from task to task efficiently? If every morning is a struggle for space that leaves you racing against the clock to get out the door on time, ensuring a stressful start to your day, then maybe a kitchen remodel is the answer!

The good news is that your kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to grow in size to grow in functionality! It’s a wonderful thing to remove a wall and open up into unused space and we are happy to do that for you, but it’s also possible to fit much more functionality into the existing space. We are currently working on a small kitchen in which the owners chose to keep the original footprint, but are gaining so much in cupboard and pantry space. How? NDKB is removing the original cabinetry and installing new. Like many kitchens installed during the 1980s and 1990, the old cabinets do not extend to the ceiling. We are installing full 42” cabinetry that will add another 12-14” of cupboard space all around. NDKB is also removing a closet with bi-fold doors in the kitchen and installing floor to ceiling pantry cabinets in its place. These small but significant changes will provide much-needed space for this busy family.

Space can be made within your existing kitchen’s footprint, but what about enlarging your kitchen to include not only new cabinetry, but a custom island—the perfect place for quick breakfasts and informal meals. As we mentioned in last month’s blog, islands can be customized in so many ways! Drawers make the perfect, kid-friendly space for a lunch-making station. Most of our cabinet manufacturers offer customizable drawers and drawer inserts to ensure that this space works perfectly at whatever phase your family is in. Keeping lunchboxes and supplies within easy reach of children fosters independence and ability to make lunch on their own. After school, the island becomes a great place to do homework and help parents prepare for dinner.

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Remember: cabinets aren’t limited to your kitchen. They can be used throughout the house! Consider expanding your cabinetry in the kitchen to include a custom desk area with a command center to keep track of school and extracurricular activities, calendars and art projects. A desk in the kitchen also provides a great place to keep the family computer, in a central area easily monitored by parents.

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Beyond the command center, consider including a dedicated space for storing backpacks, coats, shoes and other daily necessities. If you’re always searching for your keys, this is the perfect spot to keep them! In conjunction with your kitchen remodeling project, NDKB would be happy to install cabinetry with benches, drawers and doors to corral and contain these items. Wouldn’t a great area like this near your front or back door help your mornings run a little more smoothly?


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Have the dog days of Summer made you forget the rushed mornings and evenings of school days in your kitchen? Maybe it’s time to rethink your kitchen’s layout and let Nicely Done redesign a kitchen that both simplifies and beautifies your life!