You Get What You Pay For

We’ve all received flyers in the mail: ABC Remodelers can install a new kitchen or bathroom for you for a great low price! XYZ Remodelers can do it for even less! You’ve just had an appointment and a design review with the designers at Nicely Done Kitchens & Baths. Our design, our customer service and our beautiful showroom have left you dazzled, but you’re wondering how we arrived at the price we gave you for your new kitchen…a price that may be more than ABC or XYZ remodelers.   Why is this? Should you immediately assume that the lowest price means the best value?

Short answer, no…but it’s a bit complicated to explain.

We know that it’s difficult to imagine spending a large amount of money on something intangible. If you were going to purchase a new car, you’d probably already have a make and model in mind. You’d go to a dealership, test drive a couple of models, make your decision and drive away in your new car. You have immediate access to it—it’s tangible. But your new kitchen is intangible. Until every detail is in place (and there are many details) you can’t “test drive” it. You must have faith that the remodeling company you choose will give you the best value, workmanship and customer service experience until they are 100% finished with your kitchen and it becomes a tangible item.

There are several factors that will impact the cost of every remodeling project:

  1. The size of the space and the scope of work—Smaller kitchen vs. large kitchen, keeping the existing footprint vs. extensive remodeling.
  2. Quality of the products specified—Real wood vs. manufactured? High quality lighting and plumbing fixtures? Moderately priced appliances or professional level appliances?
  3. Nature of the design—The design should be a result of the designer carefully listening to your vision, desires and needs and designing a great kitchen or bath that meets those objectives. Sometimes those dreams and desires result in a higher price tag.
  4. Number and of services provided—At NDKB, we offer full design service, installation by highly-qualified contractors and craftsmen, and professional project management throughout your project.   The value services you contract with our firm make an enormous difference in the final success of your project. Again, the intangible items—services—are what will bring you the greatest value.
  5. Quality of services provided—At NDKB, we guarantee the quality of our general contractors. We employ fully-licensed contractors, master plumbers and master electricians who bring years of experience to your project. We ensure that the proper building permits are acquired if required—a very important process and one that often gets skipped by lower-cost contractors.

A few more thoughts about ABC and XYZ and their low, low prices. Lower prices generally mean that the company is operating with low profit margins. What does this mean for you? It means that the company has less available profits with which to provide you with quality design, high-quality materials, and…all of those intangible services we just discussed. Will ABC be in business 5 or 10 years from now? If they go out of business, where does that leave you if you encounter an issue with their products or craftsmanship? Nicely Done has been in business since 2003. We stand behind our product and have been known to revisit projects completed a decade ago to provide assistance to our customers at no charge. It’s all part of the “extra mile” service that you will receive at Nicely Done Kitchens & Baths!

At Nicely Done Kitchens & Baths, we understand that you have a budget and that you want the best value for that budget. It all begins with becoming educated about both remodeling and what we can offer you, both tangible and intangible. Rest assured that we have your best interests at heart and will do all that we can to ensure that you understand exactly how your remodeling dollars are being spent!

The pleasure of getting a great deal on your remodeling project only lasts a short time. That great deal can come back to haunt you later in the form of defects in your kitchen or bath as a result of poor craftsmanship and materials. The value of quality workmanship, materials and a team standing behind it for years to come will last the span of your kitchen or bath’s life.