Starting the Process at Nicely Done

Almost every day, we have people walk through the doors of our showroom in King’s Park and stand just inside the door, looking a bit lost.

“There’s just so much to choose from, I don’t know where to start!” is a common refrain.

Often, they are not only unsure of where to begin in terms of material selections, they are unsure about how the design process works. And many times, they have been letting their fear of the unknown keep them from walking through our door or calling us and beginning the process.

Don’t let fear keep you from calling us or stopping by the showroom! Let’s demystify the beginning of our process so that you know exactly what to expect from your first two visits with Nicely Done Kitchens & Baths.

Whether you call or stop by our beautiful showroom, we will request some information from you. Nothing too complicated– just your name, address, phone number and a basic outline of the work you’d like to have done. We will also ask if you have an appointment time and day preference and if you have an approximate budget in mind for your project. If you have any special requests or already have ideas about what your dream kitchen or bath looks like, we will take some basic notes so that the designer assigned to your project will be able to make her first visit to you with as much information as possible.

Once we have your form filled out, we will assign a designer to your project. Rest assured, all of our designers have their degrees in architecture or interior design and are wonderful to work with! We will set up an appointment with you and your designer for what we call the “initial appointment”. The initial appointment will take place at your home. During this time, you will spend 1.5 to 2 hours or more talking with the designer. She will want to discuss what is and is not working for you in your current kitchen. Now is the time to tell her if you dislike the layout of your kitchen or if you feel that you have no storage space—be honest about your needs and wants. Your designer will listen, ask questions and take notes that will help her to design the best possible kitchen for you and your unique needs. Afterwards, she will take an extensive set of measurements necessary that will help her accurately design your new kitchen.

At the close of the initial appointment, your designer will make your next appointment, which we call a “design review”. For your design review, you will come to see us at our showroom.

The designer then returns to our offices and works to complete your new design. Using the information she has gleaned from your initial appointment and the latest design technology, she will come up with a design that will hopefully excite and delight you. During your design review appointment, she will likely have some sample materials set out for your proposed kitchen.

That is a brief synopsis of the first two appointments that you would have with Nicely Done Kitchens & Baths. Even if you walk through our showroom door or call with no idea where to start, you will leave after design review with a very clear vision after having worked with one of our amazing designers. And remember—we are a one-stop shop, so not only do we have great designers, we have a full project management team that will work in conjunction with our contractors and your designer to give you the best possible project with the least amount of stress for you and your family.

And the best part? Both the initial appointment and the design review are at NO cost to you. There’s absolutely no obligation on your part, though of course, we hope that you will love your design and Nicely Done so much that you will want to continue on in the process with us!

Hopefully, knowing this information will help put you at ease and give you the confidence you need to finally make that call or stop by and visit our showroom–don’t put your dreams off for another moment!